Wedding gown cleaning

After your BIG DAY, it's inevitable that your Bridal Gown is going to have taken a battering.  Even those gowns that have been nurtured through the wedding day with the upmost care will have some dust marks and champagne stain somewhere - Well you'd hope so wouldn't you?

You're either going to be in the camp of 'I want to keep everything that happened that day contained in my gown' or you're going to be thinking 'Look at the state of my dress!!!  It needs to be cleaned'...

If you decide to go down the route of cleaning, let me tell you that not all cleaners are qualified to do this - FAR FROM IT!

I've heard some horror stories from Brides taking their Precious Gown to the supermarket cleaners only to pick it up completely ruined...

Remember, the Gown you purchased has been constructed using the most delicate and intricate of fabrics and doesn't it deserve to be treated by Specialist cleaners? 

At Elsie May Bridal, we only use the best in the business for Bridal Gown cleans and you can rest assured that all work carried out on your Precious Gown is fully insured and returns looking like brand new.